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Where Do We Start? From information overload to a clear plan for better health.

Working in the health industry as both a practitioner and a retailer I am approached multiple times a day by people looking for the latest pill or powder that will solve all the health problems they have struggled with for years. With each encounter I have to quickly process several emotions before responding. At first I feel discouraged that health care has become an industry focused on distributing pharmaceuticals rather than promoting true health, then sadness for the pain and unhappiness many people experience due to their treatment from the “industry”, and then frustration that modern information distribution has no regulation and mostly contributes confusion on matters of health. One day one study says carrots are good for you, the next day they aren’t, and the day after that they are again. Which study do you listen to? Which TV personality is more credible than the other? And how is it that one TV personality has the “truth” when they are accessing the same contradictory reports as us and the other media personalities?

The answer lives in each of us. It is frightening when a customer is looking for a product Dr. Oz discussed, but can’t recall the name of it or is uncertain of what it does. They want it because Dr. Oz said it was good. As knowledgeable, likable and believable Dr. Oz may be, he is not YOUR doctor and has no way of knowing what is in YOUR best health interest. As a matter of fact, his disclaimers are clear about that. It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and excitement of new research and success stories, but we should not lose sight of the fact that we are each a unique being. Our unique blend of genetics, environment, beliefs and habits require individualized consideration. What worked in a clinical study or for our neighbor, boss, or sister (unless she is an identical twin) may not work for us. No matter how well-meaning or believable a person may appear, they are not you and their information must pass the litmus test of resonating with our own inner wisdom, intuition or healer.  Let’s not lose sight of the basic truths; the media outlets and personalities are in the sales game and there is NO MAGIC PILL! As disheartening this may be, initially, it is the truth that will set us free. Which brings me to the final emotion I process; excitement.

When a client has been motivated by something they read or saw on Dr. Oz, I feel excited that one more person is breaking free from the whirlwind of media overload and is taking the first step toward self-healing.  When, as the old adage goes, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired we ask ourselves, “Where do I start?” The best place to start is from within. Shut out the noise of well-meaning friends, family and Google searches and ask yourself if you are ready: to accept responsibility for improving your health; to acknowledge (without judgment) your current state of health and what habits, thoughts, or genetics may have contributed to it; and to honestly assess your commitment level for creating change.

Disease is solely and purely corrective: it is neither vindictive nor cruel; but it is the means adopted by our Souls to point out to us our faults; to prevent our making greater errors; to hinder us from doing more harm; and to bring us back to that path of truth and light from which we should have never strayed.” Edward Bach

What the father of Flower Essence Therapy is suggesting here is nothing new. In fact it is a summation of thought by the significant healers before him such as Hippocrates, Hahnemann and Paracelsus. Like these great men and the healers that followed (i.e. Louise Hay), I, too, believe that we each have an inner healer or wisdom that can guide us to better health. That if we are quiet enough we can hear and know what it is we need to make the necessary corrections and create the health we desire. What we may need help with is putting those solutions into action. This is where your Holistic Health Practitioner, naturopath or physician comes in. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I would use the information from your inner guidance in designing a plan of action that is custom tailored to your life, needs and goals. Such a plan, or as I like to call it “Blueprint”, could include adaption or inclusion of nutrition, exercise, vitamin, mineral and/or herbal supplementation. Depending on what is comfortable for you, we can utilize aromatherapy, Bach Flower remedies, or spiritual practices toward creating your optimal health. Bottom line- this is YOUR goal for health and I am your resource for information, direction and your personal cheering squad …Go you! It is my intention that my website will provide valuable information and realistic suggestions for anyone desiring greater self-responsibility in attaining their optimal health goal, or, if you will, the quiet in the storm of information overload.



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