Holistic Wellness- feel, be, live well

What is Structured Health?

The body is an amazing and beautifully crafted structure designed for ensuring and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

When we unite our body, mind and spirit toward attaining our optimal wellness potential, our bodies will emanate the health and vitality of our life force.

The mission of Structure for Health is to apply my lifelong passion and knowledge of nutrition, exercise, herbs, essential oils, and spiritual modalities in helping every person experience their highest optimal health and wellness potential. By listening to the client, utilizing my knowledge of alternative healing modalities, and accessing my intuitive healer, an individualized “blueprint” is created that integrates the client’s body, mind and spirit into a foundation upon which they can build a life of optimal health.

My philosophy is based in the knowledge that no single aspects of our health exists in a vacuum. Our body, mind and spirit are integrated into one magnificent whole.

Any individual “symptom” or health concern can be a red flag for a multitude of destructive conditions. Therefore, no one aspect of our health should be isolated when working toward improved health.

By conducting an in depth and thorough health history and health goal assessment, we can begin to identify your concerns, analyze contributing factors, and strategize a plan of action that incorporates your Doctor’s recommendations and/or diagnosis.

From weight loss to joint pain relief your Structure for Health can be implemented in attaining the vitality you were designed to express.