Holistic Wellness- feel, be, live well

The Mission of Structure For Health

The mission of Structure for Health is to apply my lifelong passion and knowledge of nutrition, exercise, herbs, essential oils, and spiritual modalities in helping every person experience their highest optimal health and wellness potential.

By listening to the client, utilizing my knowledge of alternative healing modalities, and accessing my intuitive healer, an individualized “blueprint” is created.

Your “blueprint” integrates your body, mind and spirit into a foundation upon which you can build a life of  optimal health.

I look forward to sharing more with you on this blog. Check back often!





Anne-Jeanné Rothchild is not providing medical services and she cannot diagnose, prescribe, nor treat symptom, defect, injury, or disease pursuant to California Business and Professional Code 2052. She can do health counseling or therapies as a Board Certified Drugless Practitioner in the capacities of Clinical Nutritionist Consultant (C.N.C.), Clinical Master Herbalist (C.M.H.), Clinical Aromatherapist (C.A.), or Holistic Health Practitioner (H.H.P.). Nothing she states should be considered as a substitute in any way for consultation, diagnosis, and treatment by a licensed primary health care provider, such as a Medical Doctor (M.D.)  Anne-Jeanné Rothchild is not a licensed M.D. or licensed primary health care provider. I am communicating with her for educational purposes only.  If I want medical advice or treatment, Anne-Jeanné Rothchild encourages me to consult with a licensed primary health care provider.  I consult with Anne-Jeanné Rothchild in her capacity as a holistic health counselor who conveys self-help information that people can use to increase their own health and well-being.  I affirm my right to self-health and I take full responsibility for my healing process.

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