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Honor Thy Process!

While having a spirited discussion with an acquaintance about applying mathematical principles to emotional healing, the significance of one’s treatment of the self during such times was illuminated for me. Remembering that we are humans and not computers may allow us to put our processing of emotions […]

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What does the Liver have to do with it?

There are so many health related topics to discuss that it is difficult to decide where to begin. It occurs to me that this blog should not only educate people on various wellness topics, but also allow the reader to get to know me as a practitioner […]

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Where Do We Start? From information overload to a clear plan for better health.

Working in the health industry as both a practitioner and a retailer I am approached multiple times a day by people looking for the latest pill or powder that will solve all the health problems they have struggled with for years. With each encounter I have to […]

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The Mission of Structure For Health

The mission of Structure for Health is to apply my lifelong passion and knowledge of nutrition, exercise, herbs, essential oils, and spiritual modalities in helping every person experience their highest optimal health and wellness potential. By listening to the client, utilizing my knowledge of alternative healing modalities, […]

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