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About Us

Anne-Jeanné Rothchild has a BA in Philosophy and Religion with a minor in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University.Anne-Jeanné Rothchild Portrait

She has also earned certifications and diplomas as a Clinical Nutritionist Consultant, Clinical Master Herbalist, Clinical Master Aromatherapist, and Holistic Health Practitioner.

Anne-Jeanné is a Board certified and accredited member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the American Holistic Health Association, The American Herb Association and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

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Structure For Health was born from my life long passion for health and wellbeing and deep compassion for the human condition.

As an athlete and intercollegiate bicycle racer, I discovered that achieving goals was a matter of discipline. That discipline is simply remembering what one’s goals are and taking action to achieve them. Therefore, my approach to optimal well being and wellness is to consider the whole being and creating a structure or blueprint for success.

This is a highly individualized process that in the end will result in your ability to Feel, Be, and Live well.”

I have had a lifelong passion for understanding the nature of life. A desire to feel connected to the vibrational, energetic interconnectedness that plants, animals, and humans share. Always marching to a different beat, I have been ahead of my time regarding nutrition, exercise, and understanding the critical role our spiritual practices and thoughts play in the circumstances of our life. As a young girl I used to “play” potions- I would mix lotions and oils with eye shadow for color and perfume for scent (anything I could find in mom’s make up drawer!). Looking back, I wonder if I was living out a past life memory or playing into my purpose for this life as an aromatherapist/herbalist/nutritionist? Perhaps the answer is both. As a Practitioner in the Holistic Health field, I finally feel aligned with my true purpose. Reading books on the subject of how to apply healing plants and nutrition in a way that resulted in a state of wellness was a passion and hobby.

While taking time off to care for my parents in their final life stage it hit me; EVERYTHING I had achieved and accomplished in my education and career were the precise elements necessary for me to live a life following my passion for giving people access to optimal health and wellness.

Originally an accounting major, I discovered that accounting wasn’t speaking to my soul, but philosophy and spirituality…now there are two subjects that really spoke to me. Holistic Healing was just my way of living, or so I thought at the time. I went on to become a successful business consultant working for global companies in various capacities related to finance and operations; however, my intuitive, innate passion for living a life of optimal health and wellness led me to become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Working in the health and nutrition field, I can finally live the life I was meant to live…making blueprints for others to achieve their optimal health, embody wellness, and connect with their own inner healer.